5-year Employment and Education reference checks


5-year-employment-history-logoTracking a candidate’s employment history can be time-consuming, difficult and prone to omissions. For most employers a thorough employment history background check should be standard procedure to protect themselves and assure that they are employing the right candidates.


For the majority of our clients though, an employment background check is a business-critical and a compliance requirement that they entrust to Manacor International. This due to our efficient, effective and professional service that supports their in-house H.R. departments at every stage of the way.



Our 5-year employment history and education background service



Manacor Employment Reference checkingBy contacting former employers, authorised agents and education providers, we can supply our clients with the important information they need to ensure that they hire the right person for the job, with confidence that there are no hidden issues.


Using our bespoke contact database and adhering to a structured approach as outlined below, we are able to provide an accurate and detailed overview of a candidate’s employment history.


Upon receiving details of ex-employers and educators regarding the candidate, if not attained already, Manacor will immediately request proof of consent from the candidate to release personal information. This will avoid delays and ensure we adhere to data protection considerations of previous employers, whilst aiming to get as fast a response as possible to our reference requests.


All reference checks are started with a telephone call to ascertain the correct contact has been supplied, and to build a friendly relationship so that references are returned promptly. We will then send the reference request online. If we cannot make contact via a telephone call, messages will be left with the contact to advise that a reference request has been sent. We will then make at least 5 further attempts to secure the reference required using the best combination of calls, e-mails, faxes or letters as the situation dictates.


Manacor-employment-check-completeWe have found that further attempts to make contact do not usually result in any response and our process results in a market leading response rate of over 90% of all requests. At this stage, if we cannot confirm employment or education history directly with the relevant referees that have been supplied, we will advise a confirmation from HMRC and can conduct a GAP reference depending on requirements.


Once all references have been received, they are collated and sent directly to the employer alongside any other reports or background checks that may have been ordered. Our turnaround time for a full 5-year employment and education background check is around 10-14 days.


Please contact us now to discuss this comprehensive service, protect your company, and meet all your compliance obligations.


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