DBS Criminal Record Checks


DBS-logo250x185Manacor International Ltd., has gained the latest accreditation from the Home Office to perform DBS checks. This is via our streamlined online process and with direct access to the Police National Computer regarding an applicant’s criminal history.


This includes the recent changes from January 2018 when Basic Disclosure checks previously provided by Disclosure Scotland are now conducted by the U.K.’s Disclosure and Barring Service.


Basic Disclosure


Scales of Justice

A Basic Disclosure searches the Police National Computer (PNC) to check for any unspent convictions on an applicant’s criminal history. Basic  DBS criminal record checks are not job specific and available to anyone, for any purpose, with individual consent. It provides information on all non-spent convictions under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 and if no such information is available, then this will be stated on the certificate.


The DBS has now introduced a solution where individuals can access and complete a personal basic DBS criminal record check. If there are any queries or disputed information, the individual can make a representation to amend and update. A complete certificate can then be shown to prospective employers with full confidence.


Companies may choose to conduct a Basic Disclosure Criminal Records check for individuals in job applications that do not require a standard or enhanced check, but where there is a level of trust required such as security or cash handling.


Standard DBS Criminal Record Check


Similar to Basic disclosures, Standard disclosures document previous unspent criminal convictions. They also include cautions, reprimands and warnings received in England and Wales that are held on the Police National Computer, including convictions received in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Standard DBS checks are only available to employers and registered companies acting on behalf of an employer such as Manacor International Ltd.


Standard DBS Disclosures are for people entering certain professions, such as FCA regulated financial positions, legal professionals or where security is paramount.  DBS disclosures are restricted and governed by legislation. As such, the level of criminal check your company can conduct on an individual is determined by their potential roles and responsibilities.


Enhanced DBS Criminal Record Check



Any individual undertaking a Regulated Activity and working with vulnerable groups such as children or the elderly, will require an Enhanced Disclosure. An Enhanced DBS disclosure is required whether the role is employed or is a volunteer position.


In addition to the Standard DBS checks, an Enhanced DBS disclosure also it checks against the DBS Children’s Barred List and the DBS Adult first list. Any extra information provided by local police forces that they feel may be relevant is also included. (Based on address history provided by the candidate, the disclosure request is sent to the Chief Constable or Chief Officer in the appropriate location, including the Scottish PVG scheme which is a paper-based process.


As with a Standard DBS check, this type of disclosure can only be applied for by an organisation and the role and responsibilities of the individual in question must meet certain eligibility criteria. Most roles in education and healthcare will require an Enhanced DBS Check.



International Criminal Background Check


Where available and legally compliant based on a country’s laws and regulations Manacor International can provide to international Criminal Record Searches. As some countries only maintain paper files at local jurisdictions or police departments, an international check can result in much longer turnaround times. This is a bespoke service, so please contact us to discuss your requirements.


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