Employee Credit Reports


credit-card-250x200The comprehensive Employee Credit Report that we conduct provides our clients with peace of mind that their employees and prospective candidates have not had a history of financial mismanagement or adverse credit.


While Manacor International works with some of the largest UK brokerages and financial institutions, and FCA compliance checks requires a credit report in most cases, unfortunately employee fraud is not exclusive to the financial services sector.


Employee Credit Checks are a cornerstone of risk assessment for an organisation whose staff are involved in the handling of money, stock control, account management or sensitive data, which can include intellectual property, private consumer data or customer details. As such, we recommend all responsible organisations conduct employee credit checks where appropriate, so that their reputation, integrity and security is protected as much as possible.


Credit-Report-500x300Working with Experian, one of the major three credit reference agencies in the world, Manacor International can offer detailed employee credit reports fast and at low cost. All our credit checks return details of any court or insolvency data such as Bankruptcy Orders, Voluntary Arrangements or County Court Judgements (CCJ’s). As standard, these details are held on an individual’s credit report for 6 years.


Our credit reports also include the candidate’s full address and linked address history held by TransUnion along with any entries detailed on the edited Electoral Register. A comparative “credit score” for each individual is also included within the report. Please contact us to obtain a sample report and to discuss your requirements.



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